WRFA – Spring 2016


Wilderness First Aid, an Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), BSA approved course, is for people in back country and similar situations where professional emergency care is over 30 minutes away. The course combines classroom lecture, skills practice, and realistic scenarios to teach assessment, basic and advanced first aid techniques, extended care, transports and evacuations. As a pre-requisite, participants must have current Adult CPR / AED certification, as of the WFA course, equivalent to what is taught in the ARC or AHA Adult CPR / AED course (please e-mail a copy of your card to sgyaa.crew911@gmail.com in order to complete registration for this class). Online CPR/AED courses that do NOT demonstrate the skills to a instructor are no longer accepted. A minimum age of 14, as of the date of the course, is required to register due to the serious nature of the material and scenarios.

2016 – Spring – January – WRFA flyer CLOSED

2016 – Spring – February – WRFA flyer CLOSED

When the currently open class fills (16 participants), that class will close and the next class will immediately open.

To register, just click on the PAY NOW button on the right.  You will receive a welcome note requesting additional information and to send a scanned copy of your current CPR/AED card.

If you would like a be on a possibly available list if there is an opening, please e-mail me at wgtuten@gmail.com or call me at 512-563-2453.

I will put you in contact with the participant needing to drop and the two of you can work out arrangements, then contact me back so I can update the current slot owner information to your new information. You will still need a current Adult CPR/AED cert card before the class.